EG Celebrating International Women's Month featuring Sooshi!

For International Women’s Day 2024, we asked the EG community to recommend some of their favourite female content creators, and you didn’t disappoint! We’re delighted to have received a list of quality grassroots UK talent

Our goal was to promote growing UK talent whether it was sharing their content, retweeting or having a chat with them to learn more about them and their journey.

We’re stoked to have managed to chat with popular UK creator, Sooshi (aka Sam)

We asked Sam about her journey so far, and everything from her favourite game, snack, streaming blooper, and much more!

Check out the Q&A below - thanks for being a great sport, Sam! 👇



Sam aka Sooshi

⦁     What's been the most epic moment of your streaming journey so far? We want to hear all the juicy details!

Picking one is tough, there has been so many epic moments! I'd probably have to go with finding out I got a Sponsorship from the great AMD. I was pinching myself all day when I found out, just in case I was dreaming.


   Have you ever had a hilarious blooper or mishap while streaming that you can't help but laugh about now?

I was doing a charity stream once, writing donator's names on balloons. I pressed a bit hard with the pen and the balloon popped loudly in my face (and mic, sorry chat) and the pen that i'd written on the balloon transferred over my arms and chin.. Couldn't do that again if I tried.

    Who's your all-time favorite gaming character, and why do they hold a special place in your heart?

Ana from Overwatch. I've spent thousands upon thousands of hours hearing her voice, she was the first hero I ever became half decent at in Overwatch, or in anything for that matter. I never get bored of playing Ana.

    If you could collaborate with any other streamer, who would it be and what game would you play together?

I love DexBonus (Dooger) - she plays mostly chill/story games and does coffee mornings. I'd love to play Overwatch with her (even though OW isnt quite as chilled)

⦁    We all have those games that we love to hate! What's a game that frustrates you to no end but you just can't stop playing?

Ark Survival is a very very dangerous game for me to be around. I will disappear from everyone's lives and spend 16 hours a day on Ark with ease. It can be gut-wrenching to lose a tame, or something you've worked hours on building in Ark.

    What's your go-to snack or beverage while streaming? Bonus points for any weird combos!


Honestly I just drink copious amounts of tea all stream, off-stream, always. Not much of a snacker, I just like a filling meal before stream then tea throughout.

    If you could magically teleport into any game world and live there for a day, which game would you choose and why?

Probably Morrowind, I played that game sooo much growing up. I'd definitely need some hiking boots for Vvardenfell.


    What gaming gear or peripherals do you most recommend? Why?

I highly recommend the Superlight 2 mouse, or the Lamzu Atlantis mouse. Both very light at 60g and 55g and super reliable. I alternate between them.


    Any advice for fellow female streamers who are navigating their way through the gaming world?

I'd probably say protect your space. It can be difficult when you're a small streamer and you don't want to upset anybody, but don't allow anyone to take advantage or make mean comments about you. Protect your space and cultivate a chat everyone can enjoy together.

    Lastly, if you could sum up your streaming journey in one meme or GIF, what would it be?

Definitely this one, I'm very lucky to have my community. Without them I wouldn't get to do what I love everyday.




Want to check out Sooshi’s content? We don’t blame you! Here’s her deets: