Why Gamers <3 Us

We're using our combined 30+ years of gaming and retail experience to build a retail brand just for gamers.

We're gamers ourselves, and we've lived and breathed gaming for well over a decade. We saw a problem when buying our own gaming gear - the experience was honestly... pretty sh*tty.

We decided enough was enough with big-box retailers who didn't understand the games we played or the hardware we wanted to buy, so we launched Esports Gear for ourselves and for you. We combined our experience and our specialist hardware & game knowledge, plus these unique benefits below to create something special that y'all seem to love! <3 #humblebrag

Kick-Ass Support

Personal, kick-ass customer service and technical support, from real gamers.

Top Gear. Top Brands

Bringing you the latest and greatest gaming gear as soon as it’s released in the UK.

Built For UK Gamers

We believe in giving back to the UK esports scene and supporting grassroots talent.

Community Focused

We're building a thriving UK enthusiast gaming community. Join us on Discord!

Community Giveaways

We run regular gaming swag giveaways and deals for our community. Don't miss out!

Thinking Differently

Traditional retail is dead 💀. We're building a retail brand that fits the modern gamer.

The biggest gaming brands in the world believe in us.

Our mission is to provide UK gamers with uncompromisingly top-quality gaming gear, service and support, so we work closely with the best hardware manufacturers in the world to make sure we deliver just that. 

Esports Gear IRL

Although we're always around on Discord for a chat, we love attending events and giving our community an in-person gaming experience.
Here's some action shots from our favourite events so far, and we can't wait to see you at more soon!

By now you’re (hopefully) totally convinced of our wisdom and want to join the Esports Gear fam... but if you still have some questions or want to find out more, have a read at Our Story or drop us a message on Discord.

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