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Rayd Slayer

Great customer experience on discord, responded on all occasions between 1-2 hours, shipping prompt and next day delivery and a good warranty on all products. All in all this in my opinion is the best shop to by all of your esports gear!!

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Patrick Ward

A Pleasure to shop with. Website was super easy to navigate, payment was straight forward and items arrived exactly when stated the next day! Might have to get a couple of Christmas presents for myself!

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Domagoj Stolfa

Excellent customer support. The delivery company caused plenty of problems, but Esports Gear refunded the delivery cost and even went a step further and gave me a game code. The product (Zowie XL2430) itself works flawlessly and can be bought cheaper from Esports Gear than elsewhere. Definitely recommended & my first choice from now on.

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Mihai Avasilichioaiei

Love the company you guys are so engaging and care so much about the community. I love that in a company! Not to mention stellar customer support and very fast shipping. Definitely would recommend!

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Great prices. 11/10 customer service, best i've ever had. Couldn't recommend them enough.

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Simon Ball

Easy to deal with, swift delivery and a competitive price.

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