"Where's my order?" Take a peek below

The simplest way to find the status of your order is to login to your account and check the order page.

"I didn't create an account", you say?  How are you meant to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest news?!  Not to worry, scroll down for an explanation on all the stages of your order and the notifications you'll receive.

Order Confirmed ✅ Welcome to the fam, <3!

As soon as your order is successfully placed, you'll receive the confirmation email laying out all the details of your order, from items purchased, delivery address, payment method and more.

Your order will then be reviewed by our team and sent down to our warehouse, ready to be picked, packed and passed to the courier!

Order Fulfilled / A shipment is on the way

Once our courier has picked up your gear from the warehouse, you'll be informed by email.  At this stage, I'm afraid it's too late to make any changes to your order, please check the FAQs on this page for more details on the options.

Order Shipping Update

We'll add tracking details to your order as soon as we receive it from the courier, at which time you'll receive a notification.  Please bear in mind that tracking often takes a few hours to update from initially being picked up from our warehouse and in some cases will be added the following morning depending on the pickup time.

*Please Note: Orders made after 4pm Monday to Friday will be processed and picked up by the courier the next working day. Orders are not processed on weekends or bank holidays.