Unboxed: Superbeings Lab Memoria Pro Gaming Mousepad

My initial impressions were very high, the unboxing screamed premium and the pad arrived perfectly flat thanks to the way they have packed it (Honestly the sleeve is beautiful).  Superbeings Lab uses a flatpack sleeve for shipping rather than a tube/box. This is a huge upside as it ensures your pad arrives perfectly flat and ready to use as soon as you get it rather than needing a few books and leaving your new pad overnight to flatten out.

I went for the snazzy “Erabelle's Blue” colour to match my setup but it also comes in a more standard black.

The pad is 3.5 mm thick, which is slightly thicker than the usual 3mm I’ve come to expect. I see this as an upside as it adds a little more cushion to the pad.

The last design choice is the very tasteful logo in the bottom right of the pad, I have had zero issues with the logo affecting tracking or the feel of the pad at all.

The base

The Poron foam base is one of the best bases you can ask for on a pad, in particular, the one included on the Superbeings Labs Memoria Pro Mousepad is of very high quality. In my opinion, it is right up there alongside the Artisan Hien’s base.

It almost adheres to my desk, there is no way the pad will slip under use, and the only way I have been able to get it to move is by picking it up fully. If the base ever loses its grip, all you have to do is rinse the bottom off in some room temperature water, pat dry it, place it back on your desk and continue gaming.

Stitched Edges

Superbeings Lab - Memoria Pro Mousepad Stitching

The stitching is very impressive, and after a month of use it has held up perfectly, it is extremely neat/uniform and just below the surface so will not irritate your wrists at all, it still looks as good as the day I got it!

Surface Texture

Superbeings Lab - Memoria Pro Mousepad Surface

The texture of the pad is one point where it could make or break your first impressions, it is a textured pad and many people may not like it initially if they are used to smoother pads.

With that being said, I do prefer textured pads and this is a great example of what a textured pad should be, it is extremely consistent. Another feature of this pad is that it is on the softer side, not quite xsoft but in my view a perfect balance of being firm whilst gliding without feeling mushy, but you’re easily able to push down onto it if you need a little extra resistance.

If you have not used a textured pad before but are open to trying one you can not go wrong with this pad, it is an amazing example not lacking in any other areas.


I have played tactical shooting games such as CS2 and Valorant alongside a large variety of dynamic shooters and have been extremely impressed with the general feel of the pad, for anyone who has been requesting Artisan’s and high-quality control pads, you can not go wrong if you pick the Superbeings Lab’s Memoria Pro Mousepad.


Superbeings Lab Memoria Pro Mouse Pad - Erabelle's Blue
Superbeings Lab Memoria Pro Mouse Pad - Obsidian Black