Our Story

For many years prior to launching Esports Gear, we attempted to find our way within the UK Esports community in some way or another.

Our first, was a crack at establishing a gaming organisation way back in 2003 which seemed like the popular thing to do. We spent a good few years working on this project, with some success within the titles we represented, however, ultimately, to be sustainable, required substantial financial backing which was almost impossible back then due to the stage of infancy of the industry. After three years, we sadly and reluctantly closed the doors on our project. RIP Rize Gaming

Fast forward a few years, and once again we were twiddling our fingers, wondering how we could create something that would be beneficial to the UK scene. At this time, we saw many organisations struggling in similar ways to Rize Gaming, especially in the area of websites. Many teams didn't have the expertise or the money to create a website to promote themselves.

In 2010, we launched Rize Media with it's first product being a platform which offered free automated websites, nxs4u. The websites were fully customisable with CSS and with a drag-and-drop frontend. Within the first year we had hundreds of teams within the UK and across Europe using the platform.

Unfortunately, the success was short lived due to Mike being relocated to Southeast Asia in 2012, resulting in a halt to operations the following year. RIP Rize Media

After our two attempts, we decided to dust ourselves off and see what we could muster. It was clear the void for websites had now been filled by startups following on from Rize Media, so we knew a new approach was needed.

With Mark's award winning success in the retail industry with Utopia Computers, it was a no-brainer to utilise those skills to create a UK Esports specialist retailer, bringing the best brands to the UK community, and eventually putting us in a position to do our part and support UK grassroots talent.

In November 2017, Esports Gear goes live.


Start from the beginning
AUG 2020

Enter Billy Paterson as Ecommerce Manager123

First Employee, yay!

MAR 2020

Launched with Ducky

A short sentence describing the milestone

FEB 2020

Partnership with Proj3ct

A short sentence describing the milestone

NOV 2019

Launch of new site 2.0

Two years after our initial launch...

JAN 2019

Giveaway time!

Our first giveaway launched, marking a full series which would continue throughout 2019.

OCT 2018

Exclusive launch of Zowie GR-SE Red

A big one for us, being the first to bring the Zowie GR-SE Red mousepad to the UK market. This type of opportunity is exactly what we were hoping for when first developing the concept of EG.

AUG 2018

AKRacing Partnership

A short sentence describing the milestone

SEP 2018

Attended our first Major event

To the big leagues! Representing Zowie by BenQ again, this time at the Faceit Major in London. This was an amazing event for us, giving us a real opportunity to meet our community and talk about what we love most in person.

JUL 2018

Our first event, VFSFighting!

Straight into action with our new partnership with Zowie, we attend the VFSFighting tournament in Birmingham to represent Zowie and their monitor range.

JUN 2018

Official UK Select Partner of Zowie by BenQ

A short sentence describing the milestone

MAR 2018

Aorus & Gigabyte Partnership

A short sentence describing the milestone

JAN 2018

Cooler Master Partnership

Our first official partnership established with none other than Cooler Master! We are incredibly fortunate to have secured such a quality brand so early in our launch.

NOV 2017

Esports Gear website goes live!

After many months of hard labour and late nights, we managed to publish our creation to the whole wide world. We even got our first sale within the first week, w00!